3 lessons from my journey: Co-create, Be grateful, Life is beautiful

Aug 18, 1990. That was the day I landed in this country to pursue graduate studies at Florida Atlantic University. “Sir, Welcome to the United States. Here is your passport and I-20, and keep them safely. Good luck with your studies.” These words by the US Immigration officer in Miami, Florida still echo fresh in my ears. If anyone told me that day that one day, I will be involved with designing the 787 Dreamliner for Boeing, I would have said ‘no way.’

This reflection of my last 25 years is merely to take a pause and thank everyone who made these years so awesome and memorable. I hope this inspires you to reflect on your own yesteryears, and capture key accomplishments, turning points and lessons. Here are 3 take-aways for me that I want to share with you.

1 Power to co-create your movie

Time helps you create a movie of your life, where you are the lead actor, the producer and the director. You will not know exactly how this movie will conclude but as the producer and director, you can choreograph it in such a way that you and everyone around you are pleased with each and every scene all the way through the ending. How you spend your time and script your movie’s next scene is in your hands. By choosing who to surround yourself with and using your time wisely, you can co-create scenes after scenes that make your entire movie purposeful, meaningful and fulfilling. If you co-create a movie that is awesome enough, it will continue to play for generations in people’s minds.

2 Need to be grateful

It is a known fact that so many people that we come across in our lives and careers, play a role in shaping us to be who we are today. It is therefore very important to remember them, at least the key ones, and thank them. Being grateful is key to guaranteeing your future success. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to spend my time with awesome friends, loving family members, teachable students, dedicated teachers, caring mentors, enlightened gurus, wonderful business partners, passionate clients and many more. To all of them, a big Thank You.

3 Life is fun and colorful

I have so many pleasant memories, interesting turning points, great accomplishments and of course a few disappointments. From earning a doctorate, to starting a family with an awesome soulmate, to designing an efficient supply chain solution for 787 Dreamliner, to speaking at prestigious conferences all over the world, to being featured in Forbes, to eventually becoming a technology entrepreneur on a mission – the journey as I reflect back has been awesome.

There were a few bumps too, the most frightening one being a close call with death when a plane I was in almost collided with a helicopter that erroneously landed on the runway as our own plane was taking off. That would have ended the movie for me. Thanks to the plane’s then Captain SS Kohli for giving me and 147 others the chance of a lifetime to continue the movie.

I look ahead to the next 25 years with a deep sense of optimism, energy and inspiration. There is lot more to accomplish,  new lessons to be learned and deserving lives to be touched. I sincerely wish that each and everyone of our life movies are awesome. Lights, Camera, Action! The next scene is in your hands.

I would love to hear your stories and reflections. What are your key takeaways?